Selkies Coastal Creations
Operational Guideline


COVID-19 Emergency Policy

To establish a Safety and Health Policy for Selkies Coastal Creations during the COVID-19 Pandemic.



All Personnel.



All personnel shall be familiar with the Safety and Health Policy and shall perform
their duties in a safe manner. It is the duty of all employees to follow safe work
practices and to actively participate in making their work and home environment



Covid-19 is a highly infectious virus that can spread quickly throughout a community and
workplace. Symptoms can range from very mild to extremely debilitating and pose a threat to
life and well-being. Selkies Coastal Creations is committed to providing healthy and safe
working conditions and to promoting positive attitudes toward health and safety while going
through a phase of carefully re-opening. To achieve this, we need everyone's participation and
cooperation. Here are the measures that will be put in place in the first few weeks. Please keep in
mind that these are NOT static and will be ever-changing to reflect provincial and municipal
guidelines, and our own experience as we open our doors.



  • There will be a hand sanitizing station at the front door that all customers will
    be encouraged to use as they enter the store.
  • Wearing of protective masks will not be mandatory, however, masks will be available for
    any employee who feels more comfortable with the added layer of protection.
  • There will be clear signage at the entrance of the door outlining the following policies to
      1. Do not enter if any cold or flu symptoms are present
      2. Use hand sanitizer before entering the store
      3. Maximum occupancy of the store is 4 customers
      4. Refrain from handling merchandise as much as possible. Any merchandise that
        is handled can be placed in quarantine for disinfecting.
      5. Maintain social distancing of 2m.
      6. Use of Debit or Credit is preferred when possible
  • There will a limit as to how many people can be in the store at once. This limit is
    now set at 2 to 4, depending on people entering together as a family living together. This
    will more than likely change to reflect our experience in the first few days to make sure
    we are easily able to respect social distancing rules.
  • We will have a plexiglass sneeze guard protecting staff at the cash register. Debit and
    credit will be encouraged.
  • If any staff member feels unwell in the slightest, that person is to stay home and not
    come to work until symptoms are completely gone. If symptoms align at all with COVID-
    19 symptoms, the staff member must wait 14 days in isolation after all symptoms subside
    before coming back to work. Staff will be routinely asked questions to determine their
    level of health.
  • Hours, in the beginning, will be limited. This will also change as we understand the
    balance between being open and being able to operate in a safe manner. The latter will
    always take precedence.
  • Customers will be allowed to try on clothes but will be told that this will be done at their
    own discretion. Oxivir Plus disinfectant will be available to disinfect clothing that has
    been tried on. Clothing can be quarantined for 24 hours as well to ensure safety.
  • There will be signage throughout the store reminding customers about social distancing
    guidelines, and expected behaviors while in the store. We will also compile a book of
    phrases for staff to use to gently remind customers of expected behavior.
  • The door will be left open at all times, as fresh air circulation has shown to help to lessen
    the droplets which could lead to infection.


*** Please keep in mind that these guidelines can and will change continuously to better protect the health
of staff and customers, and to reflect federal, provincial, and municipal guidelines as they are made available ***